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Micro Drifters

Disney Cars/Planes

Gask its
Gask Its
Multi Launcher
Multi Launcher

Flip Transforming Raceway

Multi-Car Launcher

Another part of the project was creating the illustration for the Multi-Car Launcher package, which I was reponsible for modelling the launcher toy. It had a complex hard surface that took around 14 hours to model. 

Doc Hudson
Darrell Cartrip

This was my first commercial project, developed at Character Mill, at Sydney in the end of 2012. There are two illustration for the Flip Transforming Raceway package and I was responsible for modelling several Disney's Characters of the movie Cars, such as Ramone, Juice, Gask Its, Darrell Cartrip and Doc Hudson. The design had to be a mix between the movie and the toy, finding the correct balance. For each car, was spent around 8-12 hours to finish the model and the textures. Every decal was made in Corel Draw, basead on the original concept. This whole project was created and rendered using Blender and its internal render.

Wall Race Track Set

The first part of the project was to develop the illustration for the Wall Race Track Set package. I made the planes models, based on the Plane's movie, which are Dusty Crophopper, Ripslinger and El Chupacabra. Several changes happened during this project, specially a complety change in the concept, which doubled the amount of time spent in their development.

Dusty Crophopper
El Chupacabra
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