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Happy Halloween! (2020)

On this Halloween I applied some of my Creature FX skills to create Draculanda: 


Also had some fun sculpting some pumpkins with my family: 


Clay Sculpting (2019)


I had the opportunity the take some clay sculpting classes at Framestore this last  summer. 

It was super fun and challenging, a great exercise to study anatomy, proportions and to train my eyes.

The instructor was super helpful and I was able to learn even further.


VES Awards 2019 (2019)


Our Reindeer from Mc Donald's Christmas Advertising was nominated for the VES Awards for Outstand Character! 

On February, Framestore sent me and other nominated members to LA to attend the VES Awards Ceremony, that happened on Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

It was an amazing experience and I got the chance to see up close the best VFX artists of the world, alongside with some celebrities as well. Although our commercial didn't win the award, I was very proud to be there and that our work reached this level of recognition.

And I also got the chance to do a city tour and see Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.


Animal Love (dec 2018)

Whoever knows me in person, realises very soon that I'm magnet for animals of all species. I grew up on a farm among horses, chickens, pigs, dogs and many other animals, and I always loved to be among them. Nowadays I have my own dog called Panda, which is always with me wherever I go. I also take care of dogs in the neighbourhood, so there's always a different  pet at home. 

I visited many different zoos and sanctuaries (only the ones that treat the animals nice!) and got in contact with species from all around the world. They are my inspiration for my work and I admire the beauty of each single one.


3D Artist Magazine (2017)

I had the pleasure to be part of two editions of the magazine 3D Artist. One was an interview about the work I did with feather on the bluebird and the other was among their selection of the best 100 artists they choose.


Many years ago, when I was still at the University, most of my life were writing down C++ codes every day. But whenever I got some free time, I would dedicate to learn art, 3D and traditional animation. At this time I built my first short movies. The protagonists and inspiration were my childhood dogs: Spot and Nita.

It was a long road to learn everything from scratch, from concepting, storyboard, modelling, rigging animation, rendering and compositing. Back at that time In Brazil there wasn't really much courses about it or as many online tutorials we have now. So every technical barrier was a challenge that I had to figure out mostly by myself. I had to recreate from scratch all characters and environment many times because as I learned more, I realized how the approach I used was not good enough.

It was a project that made me proud and has a special place in my heart forever.

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