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Pearl Quest

Year: 2018

Client: Wanda Qingdao Park

VFX Studio: Framestore

Pearl Quest is a full CG nine minute entertainment experience for Qingdao rides park of China’s Wanda Group. 

I was the Character FX Lead, creating all kinds of simulation setups, from cloth to hairs and sashes. Houdini's Finite Element Solver was used in conjunction with the Wire Solver to execute several different effects, replicating a underwater environment along with intense snapped fight shots.



On this project I developed the auto pre-roll tool, quick time remap and translation movement softener. The setup for the characters FX was versatile, easy to adapt to other characters and very stable. It was possible to do simulation tests on a low resolution mesh and simulate again with a remeshed denser geometry and detailed version with a very predicable result. There was also a setup to add the underwater flow on character hairs and cloth, with the option to preview the result before launching it to the sim. 

This project was nominated to the VES Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project.

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